Dr Roger McMaster-Fay

Gynaecologist and Endoscopic Surgeon - Clinical Lecturer, Sydney University

Frequently Asked Questions

Will hysterectomy cause menopause?

Hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus (womb) only. This will stop menstruation and pregnancy.The changes of menopause will only occur if the ovaries are also removed. If this is the case, symptoms can be relieved with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Whether removal of the ovaries is necessary in your case should be discussed with your doctor.

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Will hysterectomy affect my sex life?

The vagina will need about six weeks to heal properly before sexual intercourse can occur. Usually there is no noticable difference for either you or your partner. If you have also had a prolapse repair done at the same time as your hysterectomy, you may notice the vagina is a bit tighter. Some women experience a slight difference in their orgasm, but here each person's experience is different.

Will hysterectomy cause weight gain?

No. In fact women who no longer have to take the contraceptive pill may even lose a little weight.

Are there any risks in having a hysterectomy?

There is always an element of risk in any operation and where any anaesthetic is used. As with any operation, possible complications could be infection, bleeding, blood clotting, or possible damage to other organs. However, the chances of complications are low with hysterectomy, and lower still with Laparoscopic Hysterectomy which has a faster recovery time than other methods. Women who are overweight, who smoke or have other medical problems will be at greater risk of complications. All possible risks should be fully discussed with your doctor before any operation.

Are there any benefits in having a hysterectomy?

If you were previously living with pain, excessive bleeding or cancer then you will definitely notice a difference in your lifestyle and most women in this situation get a new lease on life. Some women may find that no longer needing to take or use a contraceptive is also a bonus.