Dr Roger McMaster-Fay

Gynaecologist and Endoscopic Surgeon - Clinical Lecturer, Sydney University

The complementary role of alternative medicines and mainstream medicine

In 1980 I attended a two week seminar at Findhorn (The Findhorn Foundation) in Scotland on ‘alternative / complementary medicines’. The seminar was mainly to introduce the new and exciting tool of Kinesiology, which had just been developed in America. The seminar was also a practical introduction to Reflexology (a holographic tool), Bach Flower Remedies (healing through subtle resonances) and other ‘other dimensional’ forms of medicine / healing. The course left a lasting impression on me as I was in the middle of my specialist training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the time.

My training and therefore my offering to patients is mainstream medicine, but like many of my colleagues, I am intrigued and excited by what alternative medicines can offer. I'm happy to discuss these issues with any patient and am prepared to work with them to bring them the best health solution possible.

With the recent move to Balmain, I am looking forward to working more closely with complementary / alternative medicines and their practitioners.

Quantum Medicine

I have studied Eastern philosophies and am impressed with the work of the late quantum physicist David Bohm, in particular the concept of an ‘other dimensional’ Implicate Order which gives order and meaning to the time-space dimension of being (Explicate Order). More recently I have been influenced by Poincare’s Topology Mathematics or ‘rubber sheet geometry’ and his concept of the ‘Hypersphere’ (*2007).

As an endoscopic surgeon, I operate using an endoscope with a camera attached. I view the internal aspects of the human body, which I then proceed to operate on viewing all on a monitor (TV set). I take digital photos as I operate. To succeed in this practice requires certain skills and I would describe these skills as three dimensional modeling (*2008). I show the patients their own photographs, which is very helpful in giving them an understanding of their condition. These photos are also very useful for medical presentations and for teaching.

I have developed a model of human consciousness based on the Implicate and Explicate orders of David Bohm along with the ‘four quadrants’ of Ken Wilber. I have used the multidimensional medium of a website to present the Model which can be found at www.modelofconsciousness.org.


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