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Bamburgh Castle is an imposing castle located on the coast at Bamburgh in Northumberland, England.
A creature eerily linked to its environment, using a painted mosaic technique.
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Bamburgh Castle
Bird of Paradise
Thorny Devil at Home
Chinese Junk
The colours of this creature defy the eyes. Like a flightless Bird of Paradise in the treetops of Madagascar.
Green Chameleon
Bearded Iris
A representation, using mosaic technique, of an ancient Australia.
Lizard Mosaic
The eternal lizards with a fading past behind them. Great survivors.
Lizard Watch
Another abandoned building in a very stark setting.
Oddfellows WA
Is the rainforest lizard alone? Look closely!
Rainforest Lizard
Another mosaic, this is a chameleon sitting in a rococo shell.
Malagasy Rococo
The smallest primate in the world.
Tropical Red
The incredibly beautiful New South Wales state emblem. Displayed in Government House, Sydney.
Water Dragon
An engaging scene with views from all sides. More than eye candy.
A mystical interpretation of animals in a spritual setting.
A mystical interpretation of the future for this amazing creature. Done with a ceramic tile technique.
Green Sea Dragon
A typical Australian country pub of an era prior to World War 2.
Imperial Hotel Qld
An Eastern Creek Lizard in its natural environment.
Lizard Haven
Done as a lament for extinct species, this explores man's attempt to recreate an animal.
Lizard Plan
An iguana invades a party scene.
Representing the folly of random evolution, Pilgrim is a mutant sea dragon on its way through the eons of time ever changing. A fun hypothesis.
Red Ginger
The Sea Dragon from a more stylised viewpoint.
Sea Dragon Window
Silver Thistle
The world of the natural and the world of the rational. An interesting mix.
Voltaire and Co
Can we safely assume to know the story of this man? All is not necessarily what we see.
A medieval remnant; a result of the Reformation and now laying in abandonment.
Whitby Abbey
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The symbol of good fortune with the benevolent Golden Dragon holding the Pearl of Wisdom.
Golden Dragon
An impression of the 4th or mystical dimension, the dimension beyond the time and space limitations of the 3rd dimension.