Purchase and Shipping Information

Prices and sizes are available on application.

These are the steps of purchase...
  1. Choose your artwork. Decide which item (or items) you want.
  2. Send me an email (see the Contact page). I need to know which item(s) you want. I'll need your name and postal address too.
  3. I will respond to confirm that those items are still available and in what sizes (print runs are very limited, so it's not guaranteed that your choice will be available). I will also explain the payment process at that time.
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Important matters...

Freight and forwarding costs are included when three (or more) prints are ordered. For single orders freight charges may vary according to destination but these can be considered prior to sending.
Payment is to be made after we establish contact. I'll confirm the availability of prints and calculate postage charges, advising you by email. Payment can then be made via internet bank transfer.
FedEx is the preferred international carrier and to date, we have had a 100% successful delivery rate. Our local carriers are Australia Post and Pack & Send. If you have a preferred carrier we will endeavour to satisfy your request.

You will be notified at all stages of the transaction via e-mail or, if practicable, by telephone/mobile-cell phone.

A note about the quality of the prints...

I exclusively use Giclee prints for my limited editions; their quality is second to none. The materials used are all archival quality with a guarantee of 100 years on inks, paper or canvas used as the support.
The inks are fade resistant, unlike other types of reproduction inks. The Giclee printing process provides better colour accuracy (using 12 base colours INSTEAD OF ONLY 4) than other means of reproduction and is used by museums, art galleries and photographic galleries throughout the world.

All of my limited edition prints are personally signed and numbered by me. Print numbers never exceed 95 and are truly collectable. Once the 95th numbered print is sold the run is then finalised and no more are ever produced.
With the advantages provided by using the Giclee process the originals are scanned using the very latest Kigamo 8000 scan-back using an 8000 pixel wide CCD, capable of capturing up to 512 MB digital image for fine art reproduction from an original. This means that every brushstroke and mid-tone colour is reproduced to create an almost identical image.
Also, because of the huge files scanned, images can be resized much larger than the original according to the needs of clients for superb effect. No matter the size required for any given print, or its use, the limited edition numbering still applies and only 95 reproductions of that image will be issued and signed by me.